Project Description

Client: Massage Envy

Location: multiple

Type of Client: Retail / Service

JPs Contracting was hired as general contractor for the new build and renovations of several different Massage Envy Spa locations around the Pittsburgh area.

One very memorable Massage Envy refresh took place at the McMurray location. Back in 2008, over a decade ago, our team successfully performed the original buildout of the Massage Envy Spa in McMurray. When the franchisee reached out to us again just a few months ago to perform a very fast-paced cosmetic refresh of the spa, we were honored to have the opportunity to work there again.

The goals of this project were to redo the spa’s paint, flooring, cove base, casework, retail displays, point of sales area, and more; to adhere to the franchise’s high standards of quality and craftsmanship; and to finish the project within only 5 calendar days. The spa closed for business on a Sunday evening, our team moved in right away to get to work, and we were demobilized and offsite by Friday afternoon, only 5 days later. Our crew and subcontractors worked triple shifts in order to hit the deadline.

The time constraint of this fast-paced project required meticulous planning and management, but our team executed it flawlessly and hit our target deadline right on the nose. And the refreshed and renewed spa looks beautiful too!